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I have two Altium nanoboards running the TFTP server in each of them. I need to connect to both the boards using the Ethernet from my PC via a switch(currently I am using this). The IP address of the first board is and the second one is, the IP Address of the PC is set to with subnet masking and Gateway

I did an experiment to "ping" each of the board first, which is successfull. Now, when I tried to open two cmd process and ping simultaneously both the board. Either one of the board is only giving me a reply, while the other connection is timeout until the first ping is fully done. What could be the problem? The usage of the switch is problem?

When I connected my PC to the LAN and ping simultaneously for two PC, both of them reply properly. Here in the LAN we use a router. Do I need a router to connect Altium board to my PC?

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Most likely, the two boards have been incorrectly configured with the same MAC address. You can confirm this with the arp -a command.

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Thanks.. Now it is working! –  Mullaly Jun 29 '12 at 6:16

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