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void insert_KD_tree(noKD **tree, Queue *queue, int counter) {

    if ((*tree)!=NULL) {
            *tree = new_KD_node(queue->first->pointer,NULL,NULL);
    else if (((*tree)->pointer[counter]) > (queue->first->pointer[counter])) {
    else {

Ok, so this is basically the binary tree insertion function, but for inserting arrays to the nodes. The arrays are stored on the queue, but I'm having a problem with the pointer to a pointer. When I try to access the array using gdb, it gives the message that it can't access the memory location 0x10, but if I try to access it on another function, it shows me the location just fine and I can access the array.

I've noticed that the problem is the pointer to pointer thing and if I put only one asteric when calling the insert_KD_function, my program can access tree->pointer without any problems. So the problem has something to do with the pointer to pointer, it's losing the pointer reference in some way.

Can anyone help me?

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When you create a new tree node, are the left and right pointers initialized to NULL? – Joachim Pileborg Jun 29 '12 at 6:14
if ((*tree)!=NULL) {

Doesn't that mean that you overwrite the root if it exists? Shouldn't that be == NULL?

Apart from that, you should not that kd-trees don't perform very well on updates. If you have a lot of updates, you probably are better off with an R*-tree, which is balanced. Otherwise, pay attention to the structure of the tree, and bulk-load it again if it becomes too unbalanced.

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