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I want to get current atmospheric pressure given a latitude and longitude from some kind of remote service, so I can compare it to the pressure sensor's reading and come up with an altitude.

Unfortunately TWC and and World Weather Online have these lame usage limits, like only a few hundred requests per day per API key, which will be worthless if more than a handful of users download my app and are all using it at once with the same API key in the code. After 5 minutes no user will be able to get any data. So I need a way of querying the data without stupid usage limits. Is there a service that provides this without making you get an API key?

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don't they provide Paid account with unlimited Queries? –  MKJParekh Jun 29 '12 at 6:46

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Hey bro have you thought looking into the altimeter that comes w the phone? I remember from Science class that all they do is measure the pressure of the atmosphere same as altimeter. Maybe you could make a btree and figure out the correct indexes along the way.

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