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I tried to load top3 record of table into DataGrid it shows error Cannot implicitly convert type 'System.Linq.IQueryable' to 'string'.The code below what i wrote

MyDatatBaseDataContext Mydb = new MyDatatBaseDataContext();    
var top3 = (from t in Mydb.GetTable<student>() select t).Take(2);
grd_8.ItemStringFormat = top3;
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Change var top3 = (from t in Mydb.GetTable<student>() select t).Take(2);


List<student> top3 = (from t in Mydb.GetTable<student>() select t).Take(2).ToList();

and if grd_8.ItemStringFormat is a string then you have to convert yr List to a string using StringBuilder

but You can assign the List<student> top3 to Your grid ItemsSource/DataSource

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Why are you assigning your results to the ItemStringFormat?

grd_8.ItemStringFormat = top3;

You need to assign the results to the ItemSource

grd_8.ItemSource = top3;
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ItemStringFormat Gets or sets a composite string that specifies how to format the items in the ItemsControl if they are displayed as strings.

Why are you assigning the LINQ results to ItemStringFormat. I believe you are looking for the ItemsSource property

grd_8.ItemsSource = top3;

Also, to select first three records from the query use Take(3) not Take(2)

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