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Can't find my data base path in mongoDB.

I really need to know where my data is stored on my Mac OSX 10.7

And when I change my DBpath it keeps telling me that DBpath is not defined. (I am using homebrew)

Thank you in advance.

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By default mongo configurations are stored on the following path.


You can find the dbpath in the following file. By default it is :

/data/db or c:\data\db

You can change the dbpath using the following command

mongod --dbpath /data/newpath

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FYI .. /etc/mongodb.conf only applies as a convention for the packaged Linux installs which include init scripts that use this conf file. Different package managers, such as Brew, may have their own conventions. mongod only looks for a config file if provided as a command line --config argument. – Stennie Jun 30 '12 at 1:45

You should be able to find the dbpath used by running the following command in the mongo JS shell:


Look for a parsed setting for "dbpath".

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I checked the homebrew MongoDB formula and it looks like brew's default data path should be /var/mongodb if you are using the default LaunchAgent configuration. – Stennie Jun 30 '12 at 1:52

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