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I'm trying to create a 2 step contact form on wordpress. The first step is going to be a select box. Depending on the choice in the select box, the second form is to be loaded. Meaning, there are 8 different choices on the select form, which means 8 different forms. How can i do this in wordpress? I tried gravity forms but it doesn;t have a lot of flexibility, it only allows you to show/hide fields, depending on the answer. Each form needs to be independedt from one another with it's own submit button. I thought Ajax might do the trick and then i would just call up a cf7 form depending on the selection. Am i in the right track in thinking this way? It seems like no plugins are customizable enough to handle this exact type of functionality.

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Your task can be pretty easily done using another WordPress plugin, 123ContactForm. There are basically two ways to achieve the result with it, depending on the structure you wish the form(s) to have:

  1. A single form containing a choice field that would show a different combination of fields depending on the user input. This basically means that all the content, with its 8 choices, is included in the same form, and you will set 8 field rules upon the choice field that would make the rest of the form to show up. You can split the form into pages, so that the first page only contains the choice fields and the next one - the rest.

  2. Multiple forms chained through form rules. The first one is just the choice field with a Submit button, then the user gets redirected to the url of the corresponding form upon his input.

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