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I am trying out some Drag Drop functionalities and can't discern the difference between Give Feedback and Drag Enter events.

On Drag Enter, we check if the elements where it has entered can accept the object that is going to be dropped and show some kind of preview to the user.

Similarly, Give Feedback also shows the user a preview on the Drop Target if the dragged element would be dropped.

What is the difference between these two?

Similary what is the difference between Drag Over and Drag Enter?

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As the documentation for DragEnter says,

The DragEnter event is raised when the user first drags the mouse cursor over the control during a drag-and-drop operation.

The DoDragDrop method determines the control under the current cursor location. It then checks to see if the control is a valid drop target.

If the control is a valid drop target, the GiveFeedback event is raised with the drag-and-drop effect specified.

Hence, the difference is that DragEnter is raised for every control, and GiveFeedback is raised only for valid drop targets.

The difference between DragEnter and DragOver is that the former is raised only when the mouse enters control and the latter can be raised several times while the mouse is moved over the same control.

Control.DragEnter Event

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