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I have a telerik:RadDatePicker in which i am restricting users from selecting future dates by setting MaxDate of it to today in code behind. This works perfectly fine. but when the user keys in a date which is greater than today it just displays an ! in the date picker as shown below:

enter image description here

Instead I want to show a error message to the user "Future dates are not allowed" How can i achieve this? Below is the existing code:

<telerik:RadDatePicker CssClass="cssDate" ID="fromDate" runat="server" 
 <DateInput ID="DateInput1" runat="server" LabelCssClass="datePick" Skin="Vista">
 <Calendar ShowRowHeaders="false" ID="Calendar1" runat="server" UseRowHeadersAsSelectors="False" UseColumnHeadersAsSelectors="False"
ViewSelectorText="x" Skin="Vista">
<DatePopupButton CssClass="rcCalPopup"></DatePopupButton>

And the code behind where i set the max date of this:

  fromDate.MaxDate = DateTime.Now;
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After days of research and asking grandpa google, He provided me link to telerik official forums where they confirmed that this cannot be done.

Link to what i want to say.

The reply says "Actually we have modified the error handling logic a bit as our original implementation did not seem quite intuitive. If garbage input is entered or a date out of range is selected the control will internally set its value to null; the visible input field will not clear its contents but will display them with invalid style until a valid value is entered. However, you will still need to handle possible parsing errors in the client-side OnError event handler of the input component (you can find another example here) as if the input does not contain a valid date it will post empty value to the server and this functionality cannot be turned off."

Hope this piece of information will be helpful to others on SO :).

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Use the OnError logic...

function tbApplyTime2_dateError(sender, args) {

<DateInput ClientEvents-OnError="tbApplyTime2_dateError" />

Handling the error type coming in:

switch (args.get_reason()) {
            case Telerik.Web.UI.InputErrorReason.ParseError:
                validationMessageLabel.text('Invalid Date entered');
            case Telerik.Web.UI.InputErrorReason.OutOfRange:
                validationMessageLabel.text('Date must be after sent time');
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