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my query is

$this->find('first', array('fields' => array('Staticpage.title', 'Staticpage.description'),'conditions' => array('Staticpage.url' => 'AUSTRALIA')));

Its display in logs like

SELECT `Staticpage`.`title`, `Staticpage`.`description` FROM `staticpages` AS `Staticpage` WHERE `Staticpage`.`url` = 'AUSTRALIA' LIMIT 1

But i need to search casesensitive, my static url is 'australia' but i type in any case like 'Australia', 'AUSTRALIA' above query give me result.

So, I just used BINARY like

$this->find('first', array('fields' => array('Staticpage.title', 'Staticpage.description'),'conditions' => array('BINARY Staticpage.url' => 'AUSTRALIA')));

Its display in logs like

SELECT `Staticpage`.`title`, `Staticpage`.`description` FROM `staticpages` AS `Staticpage`   WHERE `BINARY` Staticpage.url = 'AUSTRALIA'    LIMIT 1 

so, its doesn't work.

How can i write query using BINARY in find query?

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This later and less well-named question is answered correctly stackoverflow.com/questions/12784767/… –  Ruben Mar 25 '13 at 22:35

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You can try:

array("BINARY Staticpage.url = 'AUSTRALIA'")
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