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Hey please pay attention to solve this problem I know this could be possible but I am not getting the way .. I am using sqlite in android to store and manipulate the field as shown below in the figure


first_start_time,last_start_time,last_end_time are datetime field in SQLite database

I need to get the difference of last_start_time and last_end_time as mean of function so that I don't need to do it programatically

last_end_time = strftime('%Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S','now','localtime') 
last_start_time= strftime('%Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S','2012-01-27 02:34:56')

,i,e if my firsttime is =2012-06-15 14:54:33

and Endtime is =2012-06-15 14:54:40

then time diff would be like this =00:00:14;

i want to have such difference time like last_end_time -last_start_time

i also want to use trigger to do use in sqlite data base in android

at the last I need that all my total_expended_time should get summed up like ...

select sum(total_expended_time) from study_result 

.. one thing keep in mind the result should be in datetime stamp so that i can reflect it to my UI

Any suggestion will be appreciated

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