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I am trying to display an image in a jlabel, which is in the default jFrame created by Netbeans. I know how to display an image in a new Jframe, but I dont know how to acces the default Jframe since I cant customize the code and create a variable name for it. Any work arounds?

The application is supposed to display pictures from a directory, so when u press next, next image, and if you press previous the previous image will be shown. What will be the best data structure to do this efficiently so that I can keep track of the index as well?

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"Any work arounds?" Learn how to use Netbeans or learn Java. Not sure which applies here, an expert user of Netbeans & Java can easily create a frame with a label with icon that changes according to user selection. There is no 'work around' to understanding both (if using Netbeans). – Andrew Thompson Jun 29 '12 at 8:22

Instead of letting the GUI designer manage your frame, let it manage the content, as suggested in this example.

Addendum: There's an example of flipping through images here.

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Oops, I missed the second paragraph of the question; more above. – trashgod Jun 29 '12 at 19:37

Regarding displaying the images, you can number the images in the directory as 1,2,3...and so on. If you do this, you can use a simple counter variable (increment with the next button and decrement with the previous button ) to scan through the images. You can use this counter variable for your image name with the format.

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