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I'm trying to understand the mechanics of creating a password reset functionality for a rails application with users and was wondering if someone could walk me through the boiler plate logic that some of the other authentication systems use.

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I actually found @tight helpful so it seems that someone got it. –  locoboy Jun 30 '12 at 21:04

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There's a Railscast about that : Remember Me & Reset Password

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The flow I found works well:

User clicks a 'reset password' link that goes to controller_action 'reset' link_to 'reset', reset_path

def reset
  @user = ...
  @user.temporary_password = SecureRandom(5)
  @user.password = @user.temporary_password   
  redirect_to ...

I email the @user.temporary_password. In view logic, inform a user that they need to reset their password since @user.temporary_password exists. Once they change their password, I change @user.temporary_password=nil. Done!

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