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I use this code in my project. haar = new HaarCascade("face_detect.xml"); When program run, It gives an exception like "'Emgu.CV.CvInvoke' threw an exception". Can anybody give me any suggestion why it is?

edit: I search about this. It says copy some dlls to emgucv. I don't know from where to where need to copy those dlls.

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Well to start with, look at what the inner exception is. I suggest you post the full stack trace. – Jon Skeet Jun 29 '12 at 8:26
Most likely you have to add refereences to opencv dlls into your project and let Visual Studio handle everything else. EmguCV is a .NET interface to OpenCV library, which is written in C/C++. So C# objects are just wrappers for unmanaged code in the dlls that ship with OpenCV. I assume Emgu installer install OpenCV libraries somewhere, try finding them. Most likely OpenCV dlls are named something like opencv_*.dll, but it depends on version you use. – J0HN Jun 29 '12 at 8:39

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Add , EMGU.GPU , EMGU.ML , EMGU.CV.UI , EMGU.CV To Your "References" in "Solution Explorer Window"
Then Add opencv_core290.dll , opencv_gpuimgproc290.dll to your Project In "Solution Explorer Window".
Right Click Project / Add / Add existing item / Goto your Emgucv folder / Goto Bin / *86 / for opencv_core290.dll (if you are running a 2.9 version of Emgu Cv )
Then Check .
You can check this Youtube link too

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