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I have a graph that contains nodes (groups) composed by inner nodes and when redering the graph, the groups are shown on top of the nodes they contain (I'm using a presset layout). In order to avoid that I have tried setting a z-index (so then only the border of the group is visible) for the groups as shown bellow with no luck.

            fillColor: '#000000',
            borderColor: '#000000',
            borderWidth: 1,


I also tried setting visibility:'hidden' but that hides the edges connecting the group as well. Is there any support for groups ? or maybe a way of setting the group fillColor as transparent so it doesn't hide its inner nodes?

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The SVG renderer should accept transparent as a valid colour, as far as I can remember. What you're really looking for sounds like compound node support, which we'll have when the new canvas renderer is done -- by the end of the summer.

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Setting the colour as transparent seems to work. Looking forward for the compound node support! – Jose Villaveces Jul 9 '12 at 8:40

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