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Prefixing property names with an underscore in Objective C

I have started learning objective C and need help:

you know we declare this in .h of appdelegate...

@property (strong, nonatomic) UIWindow *window;

here window is an instance of UIWindow. Then we go on to synthesize window in the implementation file of the app delegate like this.

@synthesize window = _window;

So my question is why do need to associate the property with the instance variable _window? Why cant we just directly use 'window' instead of '_window.'

Also in dealloc we release _window but in methods like application:didFinishLaunchingWithOptions we use window directly instead of _window.

My head is starting to spin after reading stuff online for so many days. I need you help in answering this question Thank you :)

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A property is just a promise that there will be a pair of setter and getter methods. Synthesizing is autogenerating the setter and getter methods.

Instead of synthesizing (autogenerating), you could just as well write your own:

- (void)setWindow:(UIWindow *)newWindow
    _window = newWindow;

- (UIWindow *)window
    return _window;

Instead of declaring a property, you could just declare the accessors yourself in your .h file:

- (void)setWindow:(UIWindow *)newWindow;
- (UIWindow *)window;

Now what is _window? It's an iVar (an instance variable); you usually declare iVars in your @interface, like so: UIWindow *_window. However, when you synthesize a property, an iVar is automatically created for you with the same name as the property (it wasn't always like this: You had to declare the iVar yourself a few versions ago, and you still need to do that if you don't synthesize your property). Synthesizing the property like this @synthesize myProperty = backingIVar; just makes the iVar that is accessed through the property have a different name than the property itself.

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Using an underscore for the instance variable is now recommended by Apple. This is to make developers prefer to access the public property rather than the instance variable, and to avoid mistakes where you accidentally access the instance variable instead of the property. –  Mike Weller Jun 29 '12 at 9:22

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