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I am looking for integrating gwt with phonegap , i grabbed one from Phonegap Jar available for GWT , but i could not find any resource how to implement phonegap with GWT, i.e i could not find a way how to associate gwt objects like buttons,textarea,events with phone gap. I did look at Getting started with gwt and phonegap ,but the resources only provide details about available methods with phonegap(events,loctaions,timers etc..). Could anyone please provide me any example(#hello world#) how to integrate gwt and phonegap or any resource which gives a simple example.

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There is an additionl project "showcase" for using GWT and phonegap at that repository:

You can also take a look at mgwt. That is a framework for creating mobile applications with GWT. It has a lot of widgets for mobile webkits browser. It works really good with gwt-phonegap.

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