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I need 3 tables that are all relevant to the same thing.

For instance, 1 has user information, 1 has page information for that user and the other has page options for that user.

all connected through user_id

is is possible to do this.

FROM users 
LEFT JOIN page_info ON users.id=page_info.user_id 
RIGHT JOIN page_settings ON user.id=page_settings.user_id 
WHERE users.id=$id

or will i be defeated to using 2 queries


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I think you misunderstand what a LEFT and RIGHT outer join do: read A Visual Explanation of SQL Joins.

In your case, with the users table coming first (i.e. to the "left" of all others), I suspect you want both joins to be LEFT outer joins? That is:

FROM   users 
  LEFT JOIN page_info     ON users.id = page_info.user_id 
  LEFT JOIN page_settings ON users.id = page_settings.user_id 
WHERE  users.id = $id
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Yes, you can.


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Its ok i have it done, i used cross join instead! –  Robert Jun 29 '12 at 9:44

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