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I have a remote: true call in my Rails 3 app controller HotelsController, which executes show_map action. Pretty simple.

<%= link_to "Map", show_hotel_map_path(@hotel.id), remote: true %>
<div id="hotel_map"></div>

show_hotel_map action is pretty basic

def show_hotel_map
  @hotel = Hotel.find(params[:id])
  respond_to do |format|

show_hotel_map.js.erb is meant to render a partial map within JQuery-UI dialog with rendered Google Maps map

  autoOpen: true,
  height: 'auto',
  width: 'auto',
  modal: true,
  closeOnEscape: true,
  position: 'center',
  resizable: false,
  title: "Map",
  open: function(){
      $("#hotel_map").html("<%= escape_javascript(render partial: "map") %>")

_map.html.erb partial does nothing but executes render_map helper

<%= render_map %>

render_map helper does all the stuff with rendering a map with Gmaps4Rails gem

module HotelsHelper

  def render_map
    if @hotel.address.latitude && @hotel.address.longitude
      map = @hotel.address.to_gmaps4rails
      geo = Gmaps4rails.geocode("#{@hotel.continent.name}, #{@hotel.country.name}, #{@hotel.location.name}")[0]
      map = [{lat: geo[:lat], lng: geo[:lng]}].to_json
    gmaps(:markers => { :data => map, :options => { :draggable => true } })

The problem is that Gmaps4Rails gem renders some javascript for proper Google Maps handling, but apparently this javascript is being truncated by escape_javascript call from show_map.js.erb view. So when I click "Map" link, JQuery-UI dialog is being rendered, but it does not have any payload, since no Javascript was executed. render_map helper works perfectly by itself, so I guess that's not a problem with Gmaps4Rails gem. Is there any workarounds so I can execute that javascript? I can think of few hacks, but maybe there is more Rail-ish way to do it?

Thank you!

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Okay, to whom it may concern, I solved it using UJS technique described in Gmaps4Rails wiki


It is not very DRY but I guess there's not many other options.

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the solution presented there is absurd, see my gist: gist.github.com/1643990 –  apneadiving Oct 4 '12 at 9:24

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