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When I open a video/audio track with my browser (Firefox or Chrome), the sound is very distorted. However this doesn't happen when opening a media file or something that runs with Java, so I believe is a Flash problem.

I've tried uninstalling flash and re-installing Chrome and Firefox, but the problem persists. The flash version I'm currently using is 11,3,300,257. I'm using Windows XP.

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SOLVED: Apparently it's a bug in the 11.3 version of flash. Following this post I uninstalled the 11.3 version and installed an old 10.3 one and everything worked.

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I discovered that at least for Fedora Systems it is sufficient to just restart the pulseaudio deamon. So whenever my chrome jitters I do the following:

pulseadio -k
pulseaudio --start

Then reload the page and you're good to till the next chrash.

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