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I'm dealing with this issue:

I want to automatically create a facebook event via the fb api on and as java page I admin. I read this post that says it needs to "to post it with page access token". How to get that with java? I'm using RestFB and the function is this:

public String createEvent(String page,String name,Date from,Date to,String location,String descr,String image,String token){
    String page_id=new com.http.connection.HttpConnection().sendGetRequest("https://graph.facebook.com/"+page, "");
    JsonObject jsonPage_id=new JsonObject(page_id);

    myClient = new DefaultFacebookClient(token);
    myClient.publish(page+"/events", FacebookType.class, 
            Parameter.with("name", name),Parameter.with("start_time",from),
            Parameter.with("description", descr),Parameter.with("location", location),Parameter.with("picture",image)
            ,Parameter.with("host",jsonPage_id.getString("id")),Parameter.with("owner", "{\"id\":\""+jsonPage_id.getString("id")+"\",\"name\":\""+page+"\"}"));
    return "published new event";
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thank you very much –  Dario Rusignuolo Jul 2 '12 at 9:44

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