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I have a Nokaia 3G USB modem (stick) that I want to turn on and off programmatically.

This modem installs itself in Windows 7 as just another network adapter - no new modems are added.

Because no modem is added I cannot use RAS to establish connection from code, as I can (and do) with many other 3G USB modem sticks.

In the Network Connections window the network adapter looks like a WLAN adapter (you know, with those "signal strength bars" in the icon), and by right-clicking it i am able to do the connect/disconnect action interactively.

But how can I establsh connection from code with this modem? I'm sure there must be a simple way...?

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What you are really asking is, how to enable or disable a network connection. You can do this using WMI as shown in this SO question, to enable or disable the card, using the appropriate methods of the Win32_NetworkAdapter class. You can check, but not change, the connection status by reading the NetConnectionStatus property.

In your case you should probably use a query like:

"SELECT * FROM Win32_NetworkAdapter WHERE Manufacturer == 'Nokaia' "

or whatever the actual manufacturer name is. Querying by name is not guaranteed to work, as the user can change the name of the connection.

Also check "How can I tell if a wireless network is connected" on Technet for a more thorough description of how to use Win32_NetworkAdapter.

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@Panagoiotis Kanavos: No, I don't ask how to enable or disable, I actually ask how to change the connection staus (establish and tear down the connection). I'm sorry if I have not made myself clear in my original question. – Martin Christiansen Jun 29 '12 at 10:40
for change status connection you want to use Networkchange Class but I don't know if it's Okay, with Dial-up Key. – Doc Roms Jul 31 '12 at 14:19

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