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I am not sure how to print out a floating point single with one decimal place.

I get '88.09999847' instead of '88.1'. Please advise

For example: if I have register $f10 = '88.09999847'

mov.s   $f12,	$f10

li  $v0,	2	


I get output as "88.09999847"

How do I round up to one decimal place and print out "88.1"

Any help would be appreciated

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+1 for a good question. I think the answer will involve bitmasking in the mantissa portion of the float, but I can't remember the alignment. –  Yohnny Jul 14 '09 at 15:24

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1) Multiply the number by 10 (since you're rounding to one decimal place.)
2) Push the number to the stack (or appropriate register.)
3) Round is a system call (on my machine, the code is call roundf)
4) Divide the result by 10

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