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I have a custom slide deck with this functionality:

  • when sliding or selecting a preview the displayed content and the URL (HTML5 History) change
  • with a clean-URL (e.g. "/slide-5") the user starts directly at the selected position
  • all slide previews have the clean-URL in a href

This works fine, even without JavaScript the user can see every slide (without the animation and involving a page load of course).

The question is: A search engine sees all links. But basically all links have the same content. Can this cause the page rank to decrease? And if so, what would be the best solution to this problem? I only can image a solution like this:

  • regarding the clean-URL only the content of the selected slide is on the page
  • the rest of the content is displayed with javascript, when sliding
  • this would also work with JavaScript disabled

Maybe you have some good thoughts.

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It might affect your SEO.. It might not. But to be sure; have a look at Canonicalization.

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