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My problem is that the following code returns null but if I look when debuging source then submittedValue has the correct date.


public void changeOneMenuP(AjaxBehaviorEvent event) {
      String id  = (String) event.getComponent().getAttributes().get("value");
      if(id != null) {
           listEntity = escDao.findByxxxx(id, true);


<h:selectOneMenu id="idSelect" immediate="true" style="width:120px" value="#EntityBB.idUni}" label="#{bundleComunes.unidad}">
                                            <f:selectItem itemLabel="#{bundleComunes.seleccionar}..." itemValue="" />
                                            <f:selectItems  value="#{configuracionBB.listEntity}" var="lUni" itemValue="#lUni.id}" itemLabel="#{lUni.desc}" />
                                    <p:ajax event="change" update="sisArm" listener="#{entityBB.changeOneMenuP}" />

Any Idea????

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the snippet of your code and your explanation is not enough to determine anything.. please give a more detailed explanation, show the entire method (declaration of event variable), add snippet of the xhtml, etc. –  Damian Jun 29 '12 at 14:24

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better don't mix primefaces p:ajax with Pure JSF

try using f:ajax

<f:ajax event="change" render="sisArm" listener="#{entityBB.changeOneMenuP}" />

Also , you better access your id like this

public void changeOneMenuP(AjaxBehaviorEvent event) {
    listEntity = escDao.findByxxxx(getidUni(), true);//or just idUni
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