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I have the following timer in onCreate():

new Timer().scheduleAtFixedRate(new TimerTask(){

            public void run() {
        }}, 0, 1000);

As you can see, it calls the function updateMarkers() every second.

Here is updateMarkers():

private void updateMarkers(){
        Drawable drawable = this.getResources().getDrawable(R.drawable.google_maps_marker);
        final MyItemizedOverlay itemizedoverlay = new MyItemizedOverlay(drawable,mapView);

        AsyncHttpClient myClient = new AsyncHttpClient();
        final PersistentCookieStore myCookieStore = new PersistentCookieStore(context);
        RequestParams params = new RequestParams();
        params.put("sw_lat", String.valueOf(centrePoint.getLat()-(Double.valueOf(mapView.getLatitudeSpan())/2.0)));
        params.put("sw_lng", String.valueOf(centrePoint.getLat()-(Double.valueOf(mapView.getLongitudeSpan())/2.0)));
        params.put("ne_lat", String.valueOf(centrePoint.getLat()+(Double.valueOf(mapView.getLatitudeSpan())/2.0)));
        params.put("ne_lng", String.valueOf(centrePoint.getLat()+(Double.valueOf(mapView.getLongitudeSpan())/2.0)));

        myClient.post("http://www.prestocab.com/ajax/getRanks.php", params, new AsyncHttpResponseHandler() {

            public void onStart() {

            public void onSuccess(String response) {
                Log.i("EOH","xxx: "+response);

                    JSONArray arr=(JSONArray) new JSONTokener(response).nextValue();
                    Log.i("EOH","yyy: "+String.valueOf(arr.length()));
                }catch(JSONException e){



            public void onFailure(Throwable e) {

            public void onFinish() {




The problem I'm having is that Log.i("EOH","onStart()"); never gets called! However Log.i("EOH","updateMarkers()"); gets called...

What am I doing wrong?

Many thanks in advance,

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can you paste your logcat from Log.i("EOH","timer"); getting printed to Log.i("EOH","onStart()"); – rajpara Jun 29 '12 at 11:16
onStart() doesn't get called... ;( – Eamorr Jun 29 '12 at 11:17
are you using any library ? – rajpara Jun 29 '12 at 11:22
Yes, com.loopj.android.http.AsyncHttpClient – Eamorr Jun 29 '12 at 11:24
The method in your AsyncHttpResponseHandler should have the @Override annotation. – bvidal Mar 19 '13 at 11:27

I found out that current implementation of AsyncHttpClient - the first I start using - version 1.4.3 (2013-09-25) has some problem with local intranet hostnames. I was testing using a local network with the webserver running on my computer and it was calling onStart, but never calling onSuccess or any other methods.

My hostname was RM_UB02 (without the Internet domain suffixes). Android and Chrome web browsers were able to resolve the URL (http:// RM_UB02/test/page.html), but AsyncHttpClient never worked.

I changed to the local intranet IP address ( and it started working. I figured out that it was working all right for Internet names (http://slashdot.org ), but not for local networks.

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public void onStart()

public void onFinish()

public void onSuccess()

public void onFailure()
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And how does this fix the "AsyncHttpClient not working" problem? – Jesse May 18 '13 at 15:18

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