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I have a table with a field called 'sort' which contains sorting number. When I add a new row, I would like the sort field to be filled with the maximum existing value + 1. I tried this:

insert into highlights set sort=max(sort)+1

but I get a 1111 error "Invalid use of group function"

If I try with a subquery,

insert into highlights set sort=(select max(sort) from highlights)+1

I get a 1093 error since apparently I cannot subquery the same table I am inserting into.

Any ideas? Thanks!

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Try with this

 insert into highlights set sort=(select max(h1.sort)+1 from highlights h1);
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thanks! it works! I'll put it as answered as soon as SO lets me do so :) thanks a lot!!!! – francoisrv Jun 29 '12 at 11:38

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