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when I tried to load the table into DataGrid Control, It showed the following error

Cannot implicitly convert type 'TRAINING.Employee' to 'System.Collections.IEnumerable'. An explicit conversion exists (are you missing a cast?).

Below the code What I wrote

MyDatatBaseDataContext MyDB = new MyDatatBaseDataContext();
Employee Add = new Employee();
Add.EmpID = 5039;
Add.Age = 25;
Add.Address = "West Street";

grd_1.ItemsSource =Add;
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the datasource of a grid should implemente IEnumerable, like a list – SidAhmed Jun 29 '12 at 11:39
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The ItemsSource property needs to be an IEnumerable of some type.

So if you changed the end of your code to ...

IEnumerable<Employee> adds = new [] { Add };
grd_1.ItemsSource = adds;

It might help but, do you actually want to use a grid to show one employee, with a column for each property? Do you actually want a grid of name value pairs for each property?

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I think you should bind the grid to a list of employees, something like this :

List<Employee> lst = new List<Employee>();
Emplyee emp1 = new Employee();
grid.ItemsSource = lst;
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Probably you only have to set

grd_1.ItemsSource = MyDB.Employees;

because your Table<TEntity> Employees is an IEnumerable. I'm not sure if the added Item will show immediately but I think at the latest it will do after SubmitChanges.

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