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I'm trying to execute a series of commands using Pythons subprocess module, however I need to set shell variables with export before running them. Of course the shell doesn't seem to be persistent so when I run a command later those shell variables are lost.

Is there any way to go about this? I could create a /bin/sh process, but how would I get the exit codes of the commands run under that?

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subprocess.Popen takes an optional named argument env that's a dictionary to use as the subprocess's environment (what you're describing as "shell variables"). Prepare a dict as you need it (you may start with a copy of os.environ and alter that as you need) and pass it to all the subprocess.Popen calls you perform.

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Perfect, thank you. – PeterBelm Jul 14 '09 at 15:42
@PeterBelm, you're welcome! – Alex Martelli Jul 14 '09 at 15:43

Alex is absolutely correct. To give an example

current_env["XXX"] = "SOMETHING" #If you want to change some env variable
subProcess.Popen("command_n_args", env=current_env)
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