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I have a running application and added my first module. Everthing works fine. Now i want want to use my module in the existing application.

I have the following folders:

- classes
- configs
- controllers
- ....
- modules
   - discount
     - configs
     - controllers
     - layouts
     - models
     - plugins
     - views
- ....
- views

In an existing class under application/class i want to use some functions that belong to the module.

Now my questions: 1) Where should i store these functions i want to access from outside? 2) How can i access these from outside?

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I assume your module is already registered with your application, for example in application/configs/application.ini, like so:

resources.frontController.moduleDirectory = APPLICATION_PATH "/modules"

After that, the files belonging to your module can be accessed anywhere you like, as they are now part of your application. So for example, in application/controllers/IndexController.php you could simply do:

$myModel = new Discount_Model_MyModel();
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