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# Explaining the context

puts "I am learning Rails, building a simple forum application."
puts "I am pretty satisfied to where I got so far but routes... "
puts "...still figuring them out."
puts "Been 2 days trying all sorts of things."
puts "This is where I am now, and something is not working as expected."
puts "Any help/pointers would be appreciated! :)"

# config/routes.rb

scope "/helpcenter" do
  resources :cat, :controller => "forums", :as => :forums do
    resources :topics , :controller => "forum_topics", :as => :topics
    resources :posts, :controller => "forum_posts", :as => :posts

match "/helpcenter" => "forums#index", :as => :forums

# app/models/forum.rb

class Forum < ActiveRecord::Base
  def to_param

# app/models/forum_topic.rb

class ForumTopic < ActiveRecord::Base
  def to_param

# app/controllers/forums/show.hmtl.erb

link_to, forum_topic_path(@forum_topic)
# OR
link_to, @forum_topic

# What is being generated by link_to :


# What I expected to see (because topics should be in forums):


# What am I doing wrong?

puts "Thanks!"
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The primary paths should be:

forum_topic_path(@forum, @topic)  

The param (@forum_topic) you passed in

link_to, forum_topic_path(@forum_topic)

Has one :id associated with it (1), so it will show the forum with id=1. You should also be passing the topic id

forum_topic_path(@forum, @topic)

Surprised you didn't get an error without the id--I am guessing that it inferred the :id to both resources.

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Indeed, I did not get any errors. Thank you (and thanks to @Alper too). For some reasons, non of the online ressources I've read talked about passing two objects to the _path helpers. Works like a charm now. thanks for the extra information which gets you the accepted answer! – roychri Jun 29 '12 at 12:40

Hi i think you want to generate a link to a special topic of a special forum.

So you need 2 ids ( - or 2 intances, one for forum, one for topic) when you generate link.

link_to, forum_topic_path(@forum, @forum_topic)
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