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I really stuck here not at all because i suck at regular expression,.. I think its a really tricky one, so i'm asking for help :)

my problem

foo = "bar"
$bar = foo
$foo = bar;
bar = foo() {}
$foo = array();

should match:

foo = "bar" -> match foo not bar
$bar = foo -> match foo not bar
foo() -> no match
$foo = bar; -> match bar not foo
bar = foo() {} -> match bar not foo
$foo = array(); -> no match

It just should match all words A-Za-z0-9_ that are not quotet and do not begin with a $ or end with a (

Thanks alot for every help!


a little example to explain better what im trying to achieve:

 * little script to explain better what im trying to achieve
echo "\nSay Hi :P\n=========\n\n";

$reply = null;

while ("exit" != $reply) {

  // command
  echo "> ";

  // get input
  $reply = trim( fgets(STDIN) );

  // last char
  $last = substr( $reply, -1 );

  // add semicolon if missing
  if ( $last != ";" && $last != "}" ) {
    $reply .= ";";

   * awesome regex that should add $ chars to words
   * to make using this more comfortable!

  // output buffer
  eval( $reply );
  echo $out = ob_get_clean();

  // add break
  if ( strlen( $out ) > 0 ) {
    echo "\n";

echo "\n\nBye Bye! :D\n\n";

Regards Mario

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You will have a really hard time trying to parse a programming language with a regex. When you start getting more complicated expressions, regex will become inadequate.

Nonetheless, here is a regex that matches all your examples:


You may able to expand that to suit your needs.

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This expression actually matches your examples. See here.

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