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I'm studying javascript and I'm trying to work with some json files. I'm a complete beginner and I've tried in many different ways but now I would like to request a json file from another server using YQL but I don't understand how. For example if I have a json like :


with YQL I transform it in:


But the problem is that I don't know what to put like callback. The idea was to save the "cards" from the json in an array but I don't understand how to do it because I can't really understand what are callbacks in javascript.

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A JavaScript callback is simply a function. The callback parameter in the URL should be passed a function name, and the server will return some JSON wrapped inside a call to the named function.

e.g. define a function myfunc:

function myfunc(json){

Then make a call to http://query.yahooapis.com/...callback=myfunc and when the response is returned, myfunc will be executed and passed the JSON object.

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