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I have a view that could be called from any of 3 actions from one controller. But, that view should be slightly different depending on what action caused it (it should display 3 icons or 2 or one depending on action called). Can I check in the view what action caused it so I can use if statement to check whether display each icon or not?

Thank you.

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Of course, you can pass action value directly to the view:

$this->template->action = Request::current()->action();

But View should not know anything about Request properties, its a Controller logic. I suggest you to pass special flags from your actions:

public function action_show1()
    // show only one icon
    $this->template->icons = array('first');

public function action_show2()
    // show another two icons
    $this->template->icons = array('second', 'third');

public function action_showall()
    // show all icons
    $this->template->icons = array('first', 'second', 'third');

Or set special flag (variable) for every icon.

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