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I am using Storyboard to create a tab bar which has 6 tabs. The tab bar is the initial view controller. I am not using any custom class for my tabbarcontroller. The more tab gets a "edit" button. How can I remove that button?

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Set the customizableViewControllers of your tabBarController to nil.

tabBarController.customizableViewControllers = nil;
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This needs to be done after you have set the tabs on the tabBarController, if you change them – Jarada Nov 9 '12 at 13:33
But where do you add this if you are using a storyboard like the question asks? – angryTurtle Jan 19 '15 at 1:24
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Finally created a custom class for my TabBarController and did this

- (void)navigationController:(UINavigationController *)navigationController
      willShowViewController:(UIViewController *)viewController
                    animated:(BOOL)animated {

    UINavigationBar *morenavbar = navigationController.navigationBar;
    UINavigationItem *morenavitem = morenavbar.topItem;
    /* We don't need Edit button in More screen. */
    morenavitem.rightBarButtonItem = nil;

That solved it.

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