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i have a problem in removing a li by clicking another li that is present on another page.. and removing li id is present in a localStorage variable..

here are two divs present on the same page. first li code is

<div data-role="page" id="wishListPage" data-add-back-btn="true">
            <div data-role="header" data-position="fixed">
                <header id="mainHeader" align="center">
                    <a href="#"><img src="images/logoName.png" /> </a>
            <div data-role="content" data-theme="a" id="wishProducts">
                <ul id="wishList" data-role="listview"></ul>

li sets the attributes which values are coming from databse rs.rows.item(i).id

$("#wishList").append('<li id="'+rs.rows.item(i).id+'"><a href="index.html#removeProductDialogPage" data-role="button" data-rel="dialog" data-transition="slide" data-ajax="false" onClick=saveValuesInLocalStorage("'+rs.rows.item(i).id+'","'+rs.rows.item(i).productName+'","'+rs.rows.item(i).imageName+'","'+rs.rows.item(i).vendorImageName+'","'+rs.rows.item(i).fixedPrice+'","'+rs.rows.item(i).finalPrice+'","'+rs.rows.item(i).authorName+'","'+rs.rows.item(i).sharingUrl+'");>' +
                '<img src='+rs.rows.item(i).imageName+' id="itemImage"/>'+
                '<span id="dataName"><h4>'+pName+'</h4></span>' +
                '<p><span id="dataAuthorName">'+aName+'</span></p>' +
                '<p><span id="itemRsPrice">Rs.&nbsp;&nbsp;</span><span id="itemStrikePrice"><strike>'+rs.rows.item(i).fixedPrice+'</strike></span>&nbsp;&nbsp;<span id="itemPrice">'+rs.rows.item(i).finalPrice+'</p></span>'+'<img src='+rs.rows.item(i).vendorImageName+' id="itemSite"/></a></li>');

here wishList is the id of ul.. and store in localStorage code is..

function saveValuesInLocalStorage(productUrl, productName , productImageName , vendorImage , fixedPrice, finalPrice, authorName,sharingUrl){
    localStorage.sharingUrl  = sharingUrl;
    localStorage.productUrl = productUrl;
    localStorage.productName  = productName;
    localStorage.imageName = productImageName;
    localStorage.vendorImage = vendorImage; 
    localStorage.fixedPrice = fixedPrice;
    localStorage.finalPrice  = finalPrice;
    localStorage.authorName = authorName;

now i want to delete the li which have id localStorage.productUrl

and the dialog page is :

<div data-role="content" data-theme="a">
            <ul name="options" id="options" data-role="listview">
                    <a href="#" data-theme="a" data-ajax="false" onClick=" removeInfoDatabase()">
                        <p><span id="itemName"><h4>Remove from wish List</h4></span></p>
                    <a href="javascript:void(0);" data-theme="a" data-ajax="false"  onclick="openWebLink()">
                        <p><span id="itemName"><h4>Go to Store</h4></span></p>

the following code is shows the phonegap SQLite code. and the removeInfoDatabase() function is..

function removeInfoDatabase (){
    db.transaction(removeElement, removeError, removeSuccess);

function removeError(err){
    console.log("Error processing SQL: "+err.code);
    alert("couldn't remove from wish list");
function removeSuccess(){
    var elem =document.getElementById(localStorage.productUrl);
//  $("#"+localStorage.producturl).remove();
//  var mm = $("#"+localStorage.producturl).html();
//  alert(""+mm);
    alert("item is removed successfully");
function removeElement(tx){
    tx.executeSql('CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS itemDetail (id unique, productName , imageName, vendorImageName , fixedPrice , finalPrice , authorName , sharingUrl)');
    tx.executeSql('DELETE  from itemDetail where id="'+localStorage.productUrl+'"');

now how cal i remove the wishList li after clicking the Remove From WishList li please help me.. please thanks in advance..

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We cannot do anything with this. Provide details, code examples and test cases. –  Bram Vanroy Jun 29 '12 at 13:02
the two pages are on the same site? –  Alnitak Jun 29 '12 at 13:02
@BramVanroy sure we can do something with this! –  Alnitak Jun 29 '12 at 13:03
make a jsfiddle... –  Michael Dibbets Jun 29 '12 at 13:03

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Assuming that the two pages are on the same site (such that they share the same localStorage object), your easiest option is to use setTimeout() on the page which is going to have the element removed, to poll the local storage for the presence of the ID.

function pollStorage() {
    var id = localStorage.id;
    if (typeof id !== 'undefined') {
        delete localStorage.id;
    setTimeout(pollStorage, 100);

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