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Hi All! I want to get public user information about seller in ebay, for this I use ebay shopping API:


In the appid I put my appid. For the UserId=TESTUSER_magicalbookseller it works, but when I try another user ids selected for random from ebay, it does not work. Is there any problem and how can I get user profile?

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Note that if you use the sandbox you have to use the sandbox userids not the ones from the live site, for example you could use: TESTUSER_schwarz.

Sidenote for GetUser-Call from the trading API: You can only retrieve detailed user information for users you have a relation to, for example a transaction (user has bought stuff from your account). Also if you had a relation to a user, there is a certain time limit in which the informaton is available

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where I can get sanbox userids or is there any other way of getting userids? Also your sidenote is for trading API, but I use shopping API –  torayeff Jun 29 '12 at 14:26
Easily go to sandbox.ebay.com and search for auctions, there you should be able to see the userids. –  McIntosh Jul 2 '12 at 7:04

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