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We are developing XML over HTTP service and we need a way to document the XML interface. Our supported XMLs generally are subsets of some industry standard XML API, which unfortunately lacks any good documentation. It has XSDs though with some annotations, so we use this go generate the initial documentation and then remove the unsupported parts and refine the result. But this process is tedious and the results aren't at all great.

Any suggestion about documentation formats and tools?

I prefer to have HTML output and possibly more, e.g. PDF. Oh, and we are mixed Linux and Windows shop, so the tools should work well on both.

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How do you currently generate the documentation from the XSDs? Are the results not good because of the tool you're using to generate it, or because the annotations themselves aren't great?

I'm not being all that helpful, but I can only suggest looking here and maybe here.

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We're using oXygen, but the result requires a lot of manual work, because we want to document only what we currently support from rather big XSDs. And the annotations aren't that great either :( I realize the manual work is most probably unavoidable, and I was actually wondering if it'll be better to do it all manually without generating from the schema at all. –  ivant Aug 9 '09 at 11:12

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