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I'm currently optimizing an OpenCL kernel, and have been trying to find optimal values for workgroup sizes and vector widths.
Currently I'm using an ubuntu system with an Intel i7-3930k (6 cores @ 3.5 GHz, HT disabled) and an AMD HD6870. Both Intel and AMD OpenCL implementations are installed to allow for comparisons. (AMD APP SDK v2.7 Linux 64b & Catalyst 12.4, Intel OpenCL SDK 1.5 ).

Running on the CPU (on Intel Platform) I've found that:

  • By choosing a wg size of 256 I can gain about 13.5% performance in comparison to wgsize=1.
  • By specifying __attribute__((vec_type_hint(float4))) I can gain a 30% boost.
  • By specifying __attribute__((work_group_size_hint(WG_SIZE, 1, 1))) I get another ~90% (!)

So, in total, theses options can result in close to a 3x performance increase. Unfortunately, when running this case on the the CPU using the AMD OpenCL platform, I've found that the optional attributes are ignored.

Kernel declaration is:

kernel  __attribute__(( work_group_size_hint(WG_SIZE, 1, 1) ))
        __attribute__(( vec_type_hint(VEC_SIZE) )) 
void solveEikonalEq(    global      env_packed_t*   env_packed_in,
                        global      float*          packedEnvData_in,
                        private     float           ds,
                        private     float           freq,
                        global      ray_t*          ray,
                        global      rayMembers_t*   rayMembers){

And compiler output is:

"/tmp/OCLVAvDqR.cl", line 2637: warning: unknown attribute "work_group_size_hint"
  kernel  __attribute__((work_group_size_hint(WG_SIZE, 1, 1)))

"/tmp/OCLVAvDqR.cl", line 2638: warning: unknown attribute "vec_type_hint"
          __attribute__(( vec_type_hint(VEC_SIZE))) 

Does anybody know if AMD always ignores these hints? Or is there something i have to do to enable these attributes on the AMD platform?

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Quoting answer from AMD forums (http://devgurus.amd.com/message/1282250):

Support for work group size hint has been added internally and should be in the next release. vec_type_hint is optional and not supported, but I'll file a request to add support to the parser.

Micah Villmow
Advanced Micro Devices Inc.

So, in short, according to an AMD rep:

  • AMD's APP SDK v2.7 knows neither work_group_size_hint nor vec_type_hint
  • work_group_size_hint is coming for version APP SDK v2.8
  • vec_type_hint might be supported in a future version.
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I would recommend that you ask the OP and indicate the current version number so that people who land here later will know what the "next" version is. –  ananthonline Jun 29 '12 at 17:17
@ananthonline Good point! Updated question and answer accordingly. –  Emanuel Ey Jul 3 '12 at 10:13

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