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I'm using a Test Database on my Localhost!

For further Tests Scenarios i dumped the Live Database(with new Tables and many more data) and i imported it in my localhost Database.

Now i have some Errors, of cause, some new tables don't exist in my propel classes!

should i update the schema.yml (there ist mille datas now into my database) before rebuild propel?

How can i now process?

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I don't think you should get errors if tables exist in your database but not in your schema. Are you sure you don't mean the other way around?

Anyway, your schema.yml should always be in sync with your database, so make sure you have all the necessary tables and columns defined in schema.yml, then verify your database contains them too (use propel-build-sql if needed) and finally do a propel-build-sql to make sure your model is up to date.

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