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# Component requirements
gem 'bcrypt-ruby', :require => "bcrypt"
gem 'sass'
gem 'haml'
gem 'coffee-script'
gem 'activerecord', :require => "active_record"
gem 'sqlite3'
# Test requirements
# Padrino Stable Gem
gem 'padrino', '0.10.7'


= stylesheet_link_tag 'reset'
= stylesheet_link_tag 'application'

stylesheet are located public/stylesheets/application.scss

Padrino start...

When I refresh page terminal write:

DEBUG -      GET (0.0009ms) /stylesheets/application.css?1340975740 - 404 Not Found
[2012-06-29 17:15:40] WARN  Could not determine content-length of response body. Set content-length of the response or set Response#chunked = true

help me please.

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My Padrino version is 0.11.2

I create an project with "-c scss" option, as

padrino-gen project mainsystem -a mysql -d datamapper -t rspec -s jquery -e haml -c scss -m mocha

I have a line "gem 'sass'" in my Gemfile, and also have a file lib/scss_init.rb such that

module ScssInitializer
  def self.registered(app)
    # Enables support for SCSS template reloading in rack applications.
    # See http://nex-3.com/posts/88-sass-supports-rack for more details.
    # Store SCSS files (by default) within 'app/stylesheets'
    require 'sass/plugin/rack'
    Sass::Plugin.options[:syntax] = :scss
    Sass::Plugin.options[:template_location] = Padrino.root("app/stylesheets")
    Sass::Plugin.options[:css_location] = Padrino.root("public/stylesheets")
    app.use Sass::Plugin::Rack

I put app/stylesheets/foo.scss and acess to localhost:3000/stylesheets/foo.css, public/stylesheets/default.css is generated.

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