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My SSIS packages pulls data from a databsse X to my local database. Here is the situation. The incoming data has 3 columns: colA, colB, colC none of them have Primary key and uniqueness. I used joins to get columnA from another table. These columns are in look up with my table columns col1, col2, col3. Both Col1, Col2 are primary keys.

colA    colB   colC
100       1     1000.00
100       2     500.00
100       5      1500.00
200       1       500.00
200       6      5678.00

I shoudn't use colC as the look up column. How to pull data from databse X to my databse? Plz..I am new to SSIS.

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Put some actual tables in this question please. Help us understand the problem. Given the above data, what's a sample of the reference data? What should the final result set look like? –  billinkc Jul 1 '12 at 0:58

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