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I am using the runtime build of handlebars and trying to use a registered partial. I do:

Handlebars.registerPartial("path/partialname", Handlebars.templates["path/partialname"])

If I use a slash in a partial name like so:

{{> path/partialname}}

I get the error

The partial path.partialname could not be found [...]/lib/handlebars/handlebars.runtime

The "/" seems to be substituted for a "."

How can I use a "/" inside the partial without modifying the Handlebars.registerPartial call? Thx alot.

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Solution I put together:

// automaticly register all templates as partials, so we dont have to do it manually
// also convert slashes to dots in the template name because this is how
// handlebars resolves partial names.
 _.each(Handlebars.templates, function(val, key){
    var key = key.replace(/\//g, ".")
    Handlebars.partials[key] = val
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