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I found this answer to this question, but in my situation am I not able to put a hidden field, so is there no way to do post a disabled select field in PHP?

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You can enable it using javascript before submit – flowfree Jun 29 '12 at 13:54
use readonly instead of disabled, like the answers say? – allen213 Jun 29 '12 at 13:55
I dont want to enabled it, because it have to be blank but I want the server should recognize it when I submit it and post even its null, but sometimes can it be enabled and then I dont want to submit the form if the value is null – itsme Jun 29 '12 at 13:57
Do you have any ECMA(JS) scripting available? Is POST request processed by PHP? If so, can you just test for isset($_POST[$fieldName]]) – toske Jun 29 '12 at 13:57
Any reason why downvoted? – itsme Jun 29 '12 at 13:58
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No, that's what disabling the field does: Prevents the value from being posted back to the server. If you're disabling the field, you should know its value as it can't be changed. You shouldn't need the value to be posted back.

If the value is changing based on some other input, you should capture that input server-side and use it to calculate the value that would have been posted back, the same way you calculated which value to select client-side. Relying on the client-side calculated value to be accurate is a serious security flaw.

Your options are to somehow enable the field before the form is posted, or add a hidden field.

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Try to remove attribute disabled with javascript just before submiting your form.

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From the question that you posted, this is how a disable field is created:

<select class="txtbx1" name="country_disabled" disabled="disabled">

You can make it hidden as well:

<select class="txtbx1" name="country_disabled" type="hidden">
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Don't rely on the client for stuff like this. They can have JS disabled or craft a request using developer tools from the browser or a tool like Fiddler.

If there is a value you expect but that the user is not allowed to change, keep it serverside. Use sessions, for example.

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There is no way to post a disabled field, if it was it would be a non-sense.

So either you define a default value on the server side when no value are submitted or either you use <input type="hidden" name="same_as_select" value="default" /> to provide a default value, then, if your form is enabled, it will always override the default value.

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No, there no way even, but you can test if that field is empty to prevent undefined index notice:

if(empty($_POST['select_name'])){ //or !isset()
  $disabled_select = 0; //or its default value
} else {
  $disabled_select = $_POST['select_name'];

I prefer to use single line:

$disabled_select = empty($_POST['select_name']) ? 0 : $_POST['select_name'];
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