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At my current place of work we have to use a web-service which works with a text template we feed to it. Now we would like to use those templates at other places in code and so I wondered what template language that could possibly be and if it's some off-the-shelf or off-the-net software. It's presumably something from Java or .NET world, but can be essentially anything.

It's got the following tokens:

  • $$variable$$
  • @@function@@
  • @@function_call[$$parameter$$]@@
  • Condition: @@IF[$$boolen$$]@@THEN@@Text@@[ELSE@@Text@@]ENDIF@@

Does someone recognize this?

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@@Looks like a really grim one@@, $$made$$ by someone with @@@no sense@@@ of making things loook attractive $when$ written:@@@@@@$$$$[][]

I would be surprised if it was the syntax of an actual product or open-source template engine.

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it seems an home-grown templating system. At least it is not:

  • Velocity (Java)
  • StringTemplate (Java)
  • FreeMarker (Java)
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