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I am trying to use nosetests to run all test cases inside my project.

I cd to my project directory:

cd projects/myproject

Then I do:


Which outputs:

Ran 0 tests in 0.001s


Inside projects/myproject I have a package called Encode and inside the package I have Test directory with tests:


Why is nosetests not detecting my unit tests? All of my unit test classes extend unittest.TestCase.

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Did you specify the test runner? – santiagobasulto Jun 29 '12 at 14:16
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From the nose docs:

Any function or class that matches the configured testMatch regular expression ((?:^|[\b_\.-])[Tt]est) by default – that is, has test or Test at a word boundary or following a - or _) and lives in a module that also matches that expression will be run as a test.

Your tests aren't being found because your filenames don't match the pattern. Change them to, or, for example. BTW: It's also odd that they have camelCase names like that, but that won't stop them from working.

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nose won't find your tests if they are buried in a subdirectory. You should be able to tell it where to look though. Try nosetests --where=Encode/Test.

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