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I am not a vb6 developer but for time being to troubleshoot a problem of mailmerge . But so far I have got nothing.Basically I have a word template which have some fields to fill at runtime using the below code. But it is not working. so as usual I am posting my problem before stackians so please help me in this regard. I installed Office2003, 2007 and 2010 but no luck. GetConnectionString returns the Mssql server 2012 connectionstring with database name. The error is "Command fail 4198"

Dim oMainDoc As Word.Document
Dim oSel As Word.Selection
Dim lngTargetYear As Long
Dim sYearDescription As String
Dim sMergeDocumentName As String
Dim sSQL As String
Dim cmmMissingShoots As ADODB.Command
Dim rsMissingShootsGunClubs As ADODB.Recordset
Screen.MousePointer = vbHourglass
lngTargetYear = GetTargetYear
sSQL = "SELECT DISTINCT GunClubNumber, ClubName, Name, Address1, "
sSQL = sSQL & " Address2, City, State, Zip, Country "
sSQL = sSQL & " FROM viewMissingShoots"
If IsNumeric(sNumNoticesSent) Then
    sSQL = sSQL & " WHERE NumMissingShootNoticesSent = " & sNumNoticesSent
End If

'For Testing Purposes
'sSQL = sSQL & " AND GunClubNumber = '010002'"

sSQL = sSQL & " ORDER BY GunClubNumber "

sMergeDocumentName = GetMailMergeDocumentName(mmtMissingShootNotice)
Set oMainDoc = oApp.Documents.Add(sMergeDocumentName)

With oMainDoc.MailMerge
    .MainDocumentType = wdFormLetters
    .OpenDataSource Name:="", Connection:=GetConnectionString, _
     SQLStatement:=sSQL, subtype:=wdMergeSubTypeWord2000
End With

With oMainDoc
    .MailMerge.Destination = wdSendToNewDocument
    .MailMerge.Execute Pause:=False
End With

oApp.Visible = True
oMainDoc.Close False


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Is there no one to answer vb related question here!!!!!!!! –  Bilal lilla Jun 29 '12 at 15:32
I haven't used SQL Server 2012 yet, but What will GetConnectString return? Which client does the DSN specify? Have all the security options on the server been set so that that client can be used (ISTR that with the previous SQL Server, there are a number of choices to make in there (32-bit/64-bit, and old client/new client. I don't remember ODBC/OLEDB, but perhaps that is a choice, too) More recent versions of Word may need you to specify a name - not sure. More recent versions of Word may fail if you do not quote your table/view name (because of hardcoding in ODSO) –  bibadia Jul 1 '12 at 9:04
GetConnectionString returns the connectionstring of the sqlserver 2012. like "Driver={SQL Server};Server=Server12;Database=DBName;UID=myaccount;PWD=password123;". But it always says "command failed 4198". –  Bilal lilla Jul 2 '12 at 9:19
If you are going to use ODBC, AFAIK Word will always need a DSN. That's despite the fact that the macro recorder sometimes records a DSN-less connection. For a machine DSN you need DSN=theDSNname; in the string. For a file DSN you need FILEDSN=thepathandfilenameoftheDSN; and you may also need to set the Name parameter of the OpenDataSource call to that name. Either way, you may also find that you have to use a trusted connection and set set Trusted_Connection=yes (in which case you should not need UID and PWD, which will end up embedded in your document, so be careful! –  bibadia Jul 2 '12 at 11:41
DO you mean to set the trustedconnection property to true in the connectionstring? For sql server 2012 , how can I create DSN? –  Bilal lilla Jul 2 '12 at 12:55
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