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is it possible to trace all exceptions in Tomcat server (or, in general, JVM)?

Thanks for all!

P.S. I need it because exception occurs in org.primefaces.application.PrimeResourceHandler.handleResourceRequest() and a trivial message is printed (line 79)

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Sure. Start tomcat using that:

./catalina jpda start

And then connect using the eclipse debugger, as described here:


When for example Eclipse is connected, go to the Breakpoints panel, there will be a button "Add Java Exception breakpoint" if you set java.lang.Exception or java.lang.RuntimeException there, all the subclasses will be caught.

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Globally the logging is either configured in

${catalina.base}/conf/logging.properties file or {java.home}/lib/logging.properties

You can change the trace level by uncommenting the following property and setting it to ALL.


More Info: Documentation

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I am not aware of such a feature in the JVM.

I believe you wish so figure out the reason why that exception is being thrown, right? I would use an IDE such as Netbeans, include that library as a dependency, download the sources, and place a breakpoint on that line. Then, through the standard debugger, I would scan the stack trace when the breakpoint is hit to look for clues.

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