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I need to modify and work with a SVG map file using Batik, but I am not able to modify it. What I am struggling to do is to modify the fill color value of a country (which I am able to get from the path element after parsing the SVG file). For this I need to figure out which country is clicked to get its id of other identifier to modify the correct fill parameter.

Here is my code:

public class SVGEditor{
    public File svgEditFile;
    public SVGDocument svgDoc;
    public JSVGCanvas svgCanvas;
    public SAXSVGDocumentFactory svgDocumentFactory;
    public Document doc;
    public Vector<String> colors = new Vector<String>();

    public SVGEditor(File f, JSVGCanvas canvas){
        svgEditFile = f;
        svgCanvas = canvas;

    public void editFile() throws IOException{
        String parser = XMLResourceDescriptor.getXMLParserClassName();
        svgDocumentFactory  = new SAXSVGDocumentFactory(parser);
        doc = svgDocumentFactory.createDocument(svgEditFile.toURI().toString());

    public void pathParser(){
        NodeList listOfPathNodes = doc.getElementsByTagName("path");
        int totalPaths = listOfPathNodes.getLength();
        System.out.println("Total number of paths: " + totalPaths); 
        for(int i = 0; i < totalPaths; i++){
            Element el = (Element) listOfPathNodes.item(i);
            EventTarget target = (EventTarget) el;
                new org.w3c.dom.events.EventListener() {
                    public void handleEvent(org.w3c.dom.events.Event evt) {
                            //Here is where I want to get the clicked path from the interaction with the DOM document
                            Element el  = (Element)evt.getTarget();
                            System.out.println("Clicked Path:" + el.getElementsByTagname("path");


                 }, false);
             // Get id data
             id = el.getAttribute("id");
             // Get path data
             String path = el.getAttribute("d");

             // Get color data
             String style = el.getAttribute("style");
             int index1 = style.indexOf("fill:#");
             String color = style.substring((index1+5),(index1 + 12));
             colors.add((id + ":" +color));


Here is the SVG file: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/b/b3/Blank_map_of_Europe.svg and you can use this link directly in the editFile() method.

I hope it is easy to understand that what I want to do is to find where to modify the fill color value on the document using the click event using this solution or other solutions from you.

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In order to get the country id you clicked on, you should register mousedown event listener. (click doesn't work on my version of batik)

If you want to find out on which country you clicked:

public void handleEvent(Event e) {
    Element element = (Element) e.getCurrentTarget();

    String countryISO = element.getAttribute("id");
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I struggled too with such a problem for a few long hours. I finally found it ! In fact I think you only lack this statement:


I uploaded my solution to github, it's available here: https://github.com/fmarot/miscPOC/tree/master/batik-poc1 By the way, with Batik 1.7 (what I tried), "click" does work ;)

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