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I have below shell script which produce output as desired.


cat input.txt |awk -v var=$RuleNum '$1==var {out=$1; for(i=NF;i >=0;i--)if($i~/bps/){sub("bps","",$i);out=out" "$i} print out;out=""}' 

./ 20
20 BW-IN:2560000 BW-OUT:2048000

i want output as below

./ 20    
256000 2048000
./ 36
2560000 2048000

below is the input.txt

20 name:abc addr: WDW-THRESH:12 BW-OUT:10000000bps BW-IN:15000000bps STATSDEVICE:test247 STATS:Enabled (4447794/0) <IN OUT>
25 name:xyz160 addr: STATSDEVICE:test160 STATS:Enabled priority:pass-thru (1223803328/0) <IN OUT>
37 name:testgrp2 <B> WDW-THRESH:8 BW-BOTH:192000bps STATSDEVICE:econetgrp2 STATS:Enabled (0/0) <Group> START:NNNNNNN-255-0 STOP:NNNNNNN-255-0
62 name:blahblahl54 addr: WDW-THRESH:5 BWLINK:cbb256 BW-BOTH:256000bps STATSDEVICE:hellol54 STATS:Enabled (346918/77) <IN OUT>
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Time to start learning how to use the markdown editor instead of relying on others to make your posts readable. – meagar Jun 29 '12 at 15:18

Add sub("BW.*:", "", $i) after the existing sub().

And cat isn't necessary. Just put the filename at the end of the line:

awk ... input.txt

To eliminate the rule number from the output, remove out = $1;.

Here is the result with an addition to avoid printing a space at the beginning of each line:

awk -v var=$RuleNum '$1==var {for(i = NF; i >= 0; i--) if ($i ~ /bps/) {sub("bps","",$i); sub("BW.*:", "", $i); out = out delim $i; delim = OFS} print out; out = delim = ""}'
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@Levon: I don't understand what you mean regarding the command line argument. – Dennis Williamson Jun 29 '12 at 17:12
@Levon: That's simply a matter of removing out = $1;. I missed that requirement. I'll add this to my answer. Thanks. – Dennis Williamson Jun 29 '12 at 19:40
@rajiv If this solves your problem you should accept this answer by clicking the checkmark next to the answer. It'll reward you and the poster with some rep points and mark this problem as solved. – Levon Jun 29 '12 at 20:06
Thank you . great. – rajiv Jun 30 '12 at 1:18

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