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Is below how you would use a specific version of jQuery (already previously assigned on a page) in a control and set it back to the previous version for remaining control/s.

I know this is not ideal but the who app will be cleaned up later.

Thanks in advance.

<!-- This would be set earlier on the page. Possibly at page level or in a previous control -->
<script type="text\javascript" src='jquery-1.7.1.js'></script>

<!-- This would at the start of the control -->
var $origJquery = null; //Should be unique var name for the control

if(typeof jQuery != 'undefined')
    $origJquery = jQuery.noConflict();

<script type="text\javascript" src='jquery-1.7.2.js'></script>

var $newJquery = jQuery.noConflict();

//Can use $newJquery here


//Set back when finished at end of control
if($origJquery != null)
    $ = $origJquery;
    $origJquery = null;
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I would load the specific (new) version before you load the default version.

<script type="text\javascript" src='jquery-1.7.2.js'></script>


    // Assign it to the new name space
    var $ns = jQuery.noConflict();


Now the jQuery version is assigned to the new namespace. Then

<script type="text\javascript" src='jquery-1.7.1.js'></script>

the default version is no accessible on the default jQuery namespace ($).

The new component can access its version with $ns('.selector').

In your version, the new namespace is only valid during loading and if your new component does things after loading (on ready), you run into problems.

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